The Cult of asdf cult (endless)

The Cult of asdf

cult (endless)

The Cult of asdf is a cult. It is based in Chicago but has infinite networkability.

I currently serve as the The Cult's Interim Coordinator and Documentarian while The Leader is being detained indefinitely at The Homan Square Black Site (1011 S Homan Ave). Within The Cult, I am known as "The Red Hairing".

In December of 2015, I indoctrinated a new collection of Initiates. Documentary evidence can be viewed below (and an abstract below that for reference).

The Presentation, CultCon 2016


The Paper - Abstract

To appease academic Anti-Operatives, I also assembled an "out-of-character" overview of The Cult's efforts to date (see below).


BR Nicholson - The Cult of asdf Documents and Records