Ben Nicholson


Chicago IL

benjaminnicholson3 at gmail dot com


I am a performer, writer, musician, sound designer, and developer based in Chicago, IL.

I build interactive systems for installation and live performance. I occasionally perform within these systems myself.


2017  MFA Visual Arts, University of Chicago, Chicago IL

2011  BA Electronic Music and Multimedia and BA Literary Arts, Brown University, Providence RI (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa)


Spring 2017

Data and Algorithm in Art (ARTV 32502), Jason Salavon, University of Chicago

Spring 2017

Transmedia Puzzle Design & Performance (TAPS 34410), Sandy Weisz, University of Chicago

Winter 2017

Graduate Seminar: Hansel and Gretel (ARTV 39200), William Pope L., University of Chicago

Winter 2017

Advanced Study in Theater:  Games & Performance (TAPS 38810), Heidi Coleman and Patrick Jagoda, University of Chicago

Fall 2016

Visual Language: On Images (ARTV 10100), Laura Letinsky, University of Chicago

Fall 2016

Alternate Reality Games: Theory and Production (BPRO 28700), Heidi Coleman and Patrick Jagoda, University of Chicago

Spring 2016

Visual Language: On Images (ARTV 10100), Nicole Mauser, University of Chicago

Winter 2016

Data Visualization: Aesthetics, Intent, and Practice (ARTV 20333), Jason Salavon and Gordon Kindlmann, University of Chicago

Fall 2015

Visual Language: On Images (ARTV 10100), Bob Peters, University of Chicago

Spring 2011

On Songs and Songwriting (MUSC450), Katherine Bergeron and Butch Rovan, Brown University

Fall 2010

Sound Design (MUSC1250), Jim Moses, Brown University


2017  MBI Presents: Term Life Assurance™ | Logan Center for the Arts – Chicago, IL

2017  And and and (UChicago MFA Thesis Show) | Logan Center for the Arts – Chicago, IL

2016-2017  The Institute for Recurrent Progress (w/ Kyle Hossli) | Open House Contemporary – Chicago, IL

2016  The Path Is Not Linear (Group Show) | Gallery Blanc - Chicago, IL

2016  blackPixel on whiteEmptiness | Emerging Illinois Artists Triennial @ McLean County Arts Center - Bloomington, IL

2016  Partial Foods (fruit punch) | FOTA: Sight x Sound - Chicago, IL

2016  Mip | Kitchen Sink Presents: A Pop Up Museum @ Cornell Florist - Chicago, IL

2015  to begin | Immerse Yourself Opening: Brown University CAVE - Providence, RI

2011  love_me | Honors Thesis Performance - Providence, RI

2011  the_1010_barriers | McCormack Family Theater - Providence, RI

2011  8bits | Granoff Center for the Creative Arts - Providence, RI

2011  System | Opening of Granoff Center for the Creative Arts - Providence, RI

2010  Four Door | India Point Park - Providence, RI 

2010  invoke(Object object); | Brown University CIT - Providence, RI

2009  224 | Zenman Improvisations V2, performed by Ulrich Maiss - Providence, RI

2009  to begin | Pixilerations Art Festival - Providence, RI


2017  UChicago News (link) 

2016  The Chicago Maroon (link)


Audio - Max/MSP, ProTools, Reaper, live sound, studio recording, theatrical sound

Video/Image - Final Cut, Photoshop, Jitter

Coding - Java, Processing, Javascript, D3

Software – Microsoft Office

Hardware - circuit design, woodworking, minor construction


2016-2017  parasite, Project Manager

2016-2017  Chartmetric, Partnerships

2015-  GoGlobal Consulting, Lead Consultant

2011-15  TuneIn, Inc., Business Development Manager, Emerging Content Manager

2010-11  Brown University Multimedia Labs, Emerging Technologist and Consultant

2009-11  Brown University Music Department, Departmental Computer Coordinator

2007-10  Brown Student and Community Radio, Technical Director