ch@r comedic play (2014)


comedic play (2014)

ch@r (chatter) is a physical comedy involving a dispute between two coworkers, White and Red, over a shared seat.

White and Red, physically separated by a cubicle (inhabited by a third entity, Black), communicate solely through word processing, discussing how to best handle their troubling situation.

White and Red exchange their thoughts


ch@r is a three-person play, White, Red, and Black.

All lines are delivered via word processing and appear on a large screen at the back of the stage (text is colored to indicate each respective typist).

White and Red, each seated on opposite ends of the same bench facing the large screen, are separated by a cubicle through which the bench passes (Black, a third entity, resides within this center cubicle).

White and Red each have a typewriter in front of them and an unobstructed view of the screen; Black’s cubicle has the center section of the bench passing through it and a wall obstructing the screen.

The bench is not quite long enough for both White and Red to sit comfortably at their typewriters at the same time, thus White and Red each try to slide a larger portion of the bench into their respective workspace.

As White gets more bench, Red gets less (and vice versa).

This creates a situation in which White and Red cannot effectively do the work because they are battling for an adequate sitting surface.

White and Red, via word processing, discuss how they are both encountering the same issue and their belief that Black, whom apparently has two benches in his cubicle, is the one pulling each of their seats.

White and Red discuss with each other how to best handle their shared situation - how to eliminate the puller.

White and Red are unaware that they are, in fact, the physical parties whose downfall they collaboratively plot.

Black is unaware that anything is occurring at all.