Assistant 237   performance system (2015)

Assistant 237

performance system (2015)

Assistant 237 is a performance system for one. Its setup includes: one desk, one office chair, one CRT monitor, one computer keyboard (placed in front of the monitor), and one set of desk speakers (placed to the left and ride sides of the monitor).

To perform Assistant 237, the performer sits at the desk and types on the keyboard. As the performer types, each key press is accompanied by the canned sound of a typewriter key being pressed - clack! (emitted from the speakers).

Regardless of what key is typed, the sequence of characters "A-l-l- -w-o-r-k- -a-n-d- -n-o- -p-l-a-y- -m-a-k-e-s- -J-a-c-k- -a- -w-e-a-l-t-h-y- -m-a-n" is produced one character at a time. When the performer reaches the end of the sequence, an additional key press will result in a new line being generated (with a corresponding carriage return sound).

The performance should continue indefinitely.